The team The team Feodosia Ivanova in a summer field 143858251 Feodosia Ivanova Birch Tree 144404936 Feodosia Ivanova at New Year 144404938 Feodosia Ivanova Painter 144404941 Kevin Wirri Portrait 154703479 Kevin Wirri with painting 154703480 Mervyn Rubuntja Portrait 144875491 Mervyn Rubuntja Blue portrait 144875493 Mervyn Rubuntja with one of his traditional paintings 144875494 Mervyn Rubuntja in the back yard 144875492 Mervyn Rubuntja in the gallery 144875490 Dian Booth at Simpson's Gap in Central Australia 143704763 Vitaly Matveev in concert in Moscow 143990859 Helen Womack on the Ghan, heading to Alice Springs 143976065 Helen Womack Moscow winter 143984770